Houstonians are uniquely positioned to do something this weekend as the National Rifle Association is coming to town.


Well I am as gut-punched, horrified, and numb as the rest of you, but what is to be done?

We seem to be fundamentally broken when there are more votes on not even trying to do anything ever about the slaughter of our children in our schools except for maybe giving everyone in that school a gun. These debates are so dumb and so pointless in a state like Texas where so many are so brainwashed. Speeches don’t avail; heart-rending screeds from the Chronicle’s editorial board neither; it just continues to devour us as a tumor we do not acknowledge.

Our cruelly nihilist lawmakers see to it that Nothing. Ever. Gets. Done. and serve these mutilated children back to us as American patriotism.

In the end all I can do is comfort myself with John Prine.

Maybe there’s a better way out there, maybe our kids will find it (if they live long enough), but after Sandy Hook, I kind of gave up. I am not proud of that but that is the way it is.

Well, I guess Houstonians are uniquely positioned to do something this weekend as the National Rifle Association is coming to town.

I encourage every Houstonian to make these people miserable by all legal means. Protest at the George R. Brown. Make them known in restaurants and bars. Protest local businesses who are doing business with them. Leave stickered nastygrams on their cars. And so on: identify, follow, hound, and annoy, while not committing crimes.

NRA director Wayne LaPierre, in case you needed to know what he looked like.

(I am saying all of this when I really would love to resort to far, far more drastic measures involving places like Guantanamo and contraptions like guillotines.)

Anyway, here is a list of events. Most but not all are in the George R. Brown Convention Center — we should be taking them to task as well.

Not to mention the Rice Hotel, the Marriott Marquis, the Hyatt, Bayou Place, and the Hilton Americas, all of which are hosting affiliated gatherings.

One place to rally with like-minded protestors is here.

As of this writing, Donald Trump, Ted Cruz, and Greg Abbott are all still slated to speak at the convention.

Hey! Maybe if somebody kills another 20 kids in Texas before then one of them might pull out!

It’s a sick thought; still sicker is that none of them would do anything other than double down on their putrid rhetoric.

John Nova Lomax is a cranky, middle-aged, Bayou City scribe / Gulf Coast Bullshitter. He speaks grackle and lives in a cabin on a river.