Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: Our Commitment to Texas Edition

Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: Our Commitment to Texas Edition

House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) stood proudly this week in Pennsylvania with some of his most patriotic American colleagues and unveiled his party's new "Commitment to America" agenda on Friday. This "Commitment" hearkens back to Paul Ryan's 2012 "The Path to Prosperity: A Blueprint for American Renewal," which hearkened back to the "Path to Prosperity: Restoring America's Promise" from a few months earlier. This hearkened back to Newt Gingrich's 1994  "Contract with America." It's a lot of hearkening, I know.

Newtie's original "Contract with America" was a document drafted with Frank Luntz to unify the GOP and lead them into the "Republican Revolution." They dominated the '94 midterms. Gingrich and Luntz are generally credited with planting the roots of our modern political divide. Gingrich didn't/doesn't care much for "reaching across the aisle," not without a knife in one hand, anyway. Politics is a zero-sum game in the Newtonian universe.

Well, guess who was with McCarthy on Friday? That's right! The Newt returns! Ready for a brawl, maybe another divorce, and available to help with an all-new "Contract..." er, "Commitment to America."

It was full of vague GOP promises... Freedom, Strong Economy, Accountability...more Freedom... and oh yeah, the fine print was all about firing those tax auditors that Biden hired, and mandating a check workers' immigration status. The usual GOP election issues.

“I really didn’t say everything I said.” -Lincoln or Yogi?

But atop ole Kev's "The Commitment..."  thank-you letter... was a fake Lincoln quote as a header. But even better? In one of those videos that always accompany these things... uplifting music, graphic points, and a montage of iconic American scenes... a couple of which originated in Russia. Yes my friends we're now outsourcing liberty/happy America/prosperity scenes to... Putin's Russia.

Somehow, it makes perfect sense.

Meanwhile, down here in Texas....

It's getting hard for Governor Greg Abbot to be the biggest Republican red-meanie on the stage when another Governor (DeSantis) comes in and steals your personal immigrants to use for their own amoral publicity stunts! DeeceX believes that a lot of the Immigrant Games are shows for a national audience by the two Trump wannabees. And wouldn't you know it, not only is DeSantis swooping in and grabbing your best refugees, but he got more media attention when he did it! D'oh!!!!

Greg Abbott Is Positively Livid | Texas Outlaw Writers
Ron DeSantis was damned if he was going to let Greg Abbott be a bigger jerk than he was. His ability to steal Abbott’s thunder is a sign of his prominence in the 2024 presidential conversation.

Remember when we first learned that Roger Gray was business partners with Lt. Gov. Dan Patrick at one point in his life? Well, this week, we discover that Roger and his lovely bride were wedded by non-other than the Right (very right) Rev. Ed Young. Yes, that Ed Young, who only this last week labeled the Democratic Party as some kind of Godless religion.

In response, brethren and sistern, brother Gray asks that we gather at the river that flows past the throne of, well; it appears to have changed course. Rog is worried that many of his co-religionists have become so consumed with politics that they have forgotten the words of that guy whose name they invoke constantly.

Render Unto the Orange Julius Caesar | Texas Outlaw Writers
Religion and politics can be a toxic mix and one that Jefferson guy warned us about.

Do you remember or have you ever read in your history books about the massive violence in the 60s and early 70s perpetrated by radical protest groups? Groups like the Symbionese Liberation Army and the Weather Underground planted hundreds of bombs across the country in protest of the Vietnam war. In a single eighteen-month period during 1971 and 1972 the FBI counted an amazing 2,500 bombings on American soil, almost five a day. Most of the bombings were conducted at night - the result was (mostly) a lot of property damage. To be clear, there were injuries and even deaths. Without 24-hour news channels to sensationalize and chronicle this mayhem, (and with the Vietnam War raging,) we seem to have selectively forgotten some of this destruction.

Are there parallels between the violence of that era and the Jan. 6th insurrection (and other violent protests) more recently? Was either movement justified in its use of terror? Rob D'Amico joins us again this week and wants to chat about what might push a committed protestor into becoming a willing murderer?

Radicals of Old vs. Insurrectionists of New | TX Outlaw Writers
There are interesting parallels between the violent 60’s radicals and the January 6 insurrectionists. In particular, I’m interested in what it takes to turn from a passionate protestor to one willing to engage in violent acts, even murder.

There's not one form of racism. "Hiring black" can be just as cynical as never hiring black. Yes, we're looking your way, Herschel Walker.

“If you are Herschel Walker and don’t understand how the racists are using you to give cover to their racism, then you are not qualified to serve in the U.S. Senate at this time." Kevin Harris, Former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus

Myra Jolivet knows exactly what Mr. Harris means...

One Senate Race, Two Black Men | Texas Outlaw Writers
“If you are Herschel Walker and don’t understand how the racists are using you to give cover to their racism, then you are not qualified to serve in the U.S. Senate at this time.” Kevin Harris, Former Executive Director of the Congressional Black Caucus

There comes a time when we all take a measure of who we are and where we come from. It’s that process of reckoning that helps us understand ourselves. And it is often a difficult process and a hard passage to see our parents as humans. Jim Moore writes this week about his mother and father and how the great post-WWII migration from farms to the factories shaped their lives and their struggles….

When Horses Could Fly | Texas Outlaw Writers
My mother’s love gave me the courage to say no. Even if I wanted to indulge in their teenaged stupidity, I resisted because getting caught and arrested would have destroyed Ma. She wanted something better, which she was unable to even define, for her kids.