Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: Set My Reefer Free Edition

Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: Set My Reefer Free Edition
Photo by Chase Fade on Unsplash

In a move sure to please stoners everywhere, Joe Biden released plans to issue pardons to federal prisoners convicted of simple marijuana possession. This could add a few thousand voters to the midterms. Though, not exactly a reliable constituency. "I'm at the Taco Bell drive-thru, dude... I'll be at the polls in a second, man." But good for Tokin' Joe Biden, keeping a campaign promise. A real boost for Jeff Spicoli's fundraising, too.

At least Secretary of State material. 

A very sober Biden visited Florida to witness the damage from Hurricane Ian. To his credit, Gov. Ron DeSantis met with Biden in a cordial manner, even wore his white dress boots. I think he wanted to give the Nancy Sinatra "one day these boots are gonna walk all over you..." vibe.

Who wore them best?

The boots didn't scare Tokin' Joe, who was overheard telling a friend (on an open mic,) "No one fucks with a Biden." Which of course, will be his campaign slogan in 2024. If he can remember it.

Here at the hideout, we Outlaws are still on a bit of a (natural) high after recording and releasing our second Podcast. If you haven't had time to open it yet in the newsletter, here's a link. Always remember that you should be able to find it wherever fine podcasts are served. And when you do find us on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Pandora, Google Podcats, Stitcher, Overcast, iHeart, Amazon Music, etc etc... Be sure and subscribe there, so you can hear them as they're released. Like our newsletter, our goal is to issue a feature podcast weekly, and if we have some "Bonus" podcasts, we'll put those in there, too. Outlaw Jim Moore has already begun reading some of his pieces. A couple of us also want to produce some speical interviews at some point.

This week we had Josh Houston of Texas Impact talk to us about the influence that right-wing evangelicals continue to have on Texas politics... and how that may be changing. (And how people might counter those groups.)

Herschel Walker keeps reminding us that we simply can't dumb it down low enough. He's not the only one. Let's consider dumb politicians. OK, that is casting a pretty wide net, but Roger Gray is worried, and when is he not, that this signals the beginning of the moronic apocalypse.

Politics Is Like A Box Of Chocolates | Texas Outlaw Writers
Longtime political strategist James Carville suggested Tuesday that Republicans are running “very low-quality candidates” in the midterms because “they have a lot of stupid people that vote in their primaries.”

There's more to the border crisis than the theatrics of Abbott and Patrick (and now DeSantis) bussing immigrants to elite, blue-state neighborhoods. "Operation Lone Star," Abbott's callup of the Texas National Guard to patrol the border along with the DPS and other law enforcement agencies. Several guard members have died (many of those from suicide.) James Moore notes that the Gov. has never even spoken the names of the dead.

No Bugles, No Drums | Texas Outlaw Writers
“Ten members of the Texas National Guard have died in the Texas governor’s multi-billion-dollar presidential campaign commercial called “Operation Lone Star,” and Abbott has offered them anonymity, not honor, for their deaths.”

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