Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: "I Had Sex with that Woman" Edition

One of the Texas legislature's most militant culture warriors was voted off of the island for being a groomer.

Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: "I Had Sex with that Woman" Edition

Weh-heh-heh-hell... one of the Texas legislature's most militant culture warriors was voted off of the island for being a groomer. The right Rev. Bryan Slaton was unanimously voted out of the Texas House, after an investigation (and his own confession) revealed that he had served an underage intern alcohol in his condominium, had unprotected sex with her, then made implied threats that she and her friends should remain quiet about the incident.  

House General Investigating Committee Report on Rep. Bryan Slaton | PDF
An investigative committee on Saturday recommended that the House expel North Texas GOP Rep. Bryan Slaton for inappropriate sexual conduct with a 19-year-old legislative aide. Slaton, R-Royse City, faces an expulsion vote by fellow House members as early as Tuesday.
link to full, investigative report

The intern was nineteen years old. Old enough to give consent for sex, but could not legally be served alcohol. And to be clear, in today's modern workplace, it is completely unacceptable and absolutely unethical for a person holding a position of such great power over a subordinate to engage in a physical relationship.

In an effort to avoid being booted out of the legislature, Pastor Slaton submitted a resignation before the vote. The House decided to proceed with the vote to expel him anyway in order to prevent him from retaining any power in the interim before a replacement could be elected.

Did I mention that Family-Values Bryan Slaton is married?

(a copy of this resignation letter)

Not all that contrite, eh? No apology, confession, expression of remorse, or any mention of his need for forgiveness.

I mentioned that Rev. Slaton was actually a seminary graduate, right? From his web page:

Bryan attended Ouachita Baptist University, where he earned a double major in Youth Ministry / Speech Communication. He then attended Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary and earned a Masters of Divinity with Biblical Languages. He served in the ministry as a Youth and Family Minister for 13 years.

BTW, did you notice, "youth minister"? I'm sure you did.

Always thinking of the kids...

Did I mention that the intern was NOT given alcohol and then coerced into a sexual relationship by a drag queen? Or a Democrat? You were probably able to deduce that she was compromised by a run-of-the-mill, hypocritical Republican groomer. Who plied an underage intern with rum & Cokes, and pressured her to have sex with him. Or maybe it didn't take a lot of pressure, since she told investigators that she was too drunk to give any kind of meaningful consent.

In a bit of near-comic theater, his attorney told investigators that "...complaints should be dismissed because the behavior occurred in Slaton’s Austin residence, not the workplace." I dunno if things work that way, Sparky. But you and the good preacher give that a try.

Investigators claim that they did not have enough evidence to determine if his behavior rose to the definition of criminal sexual assault. But let's give credit, they expelled the sumbitch. Unanimously.

Of course, he doesn't have a massive cult following like a certain ex-president who, as you've heard, also had a bad day. (A jury found former President Donald Trump liable for battery and defamation in the E. Jean Carroll case. They awarded her $5 million. Good luck collecting, Ms. Carroll. There will be an appeal.)

Slaton was one of the red-hot culture warriors. Last summer when talking about those unGodly drag queens, the former youth minister remarked, “This is just going to the grooming, the sexualization of our children. This comes down to decency, morality and ethics, and children should not be the object of your sexualization, your desires.”


And a couple of days after the former seminarian bedded his intern, he posted:

So... anyone have a millstone handy?

If you read that report, you'll find that the young woman was a virgin.  A couple of her friends described her as naive and had insisted on going with her when she went to the congressman's condo. For some reason (?) they didn't trust him. (He would give them drinks, too.) They finally left after being unable to persuade her to leave with them. Her worried mother would use a smartphone tracker to determine she wasn't at her apartment early the next morning.  Worried, she called her and demanded that she go home.  

Oh, one last thing... did I mention that the intern, worried about unprotected sex, purchased a "morning-after pill" the next day? Yeah, I guess I "buried the lede" as they say in the big city newspapers. I guess it's a significant point considering the congressman's Pro-Life stance when it comes to abortion and abortifacients. The young woman exercised "Choice," because it is still barely legal to do so, no thanks to the self-righteous Slaton.

It doesn't appear that Slaton had any comments regarding the pill. I suppose that he believes that there are exceptions for that sort of thing. For guys like him and his "friends."

Outlaw readers and supporters: I have some sad news to bring you. John Nova Lomax, one of the original writers in our group, appears to be on life support with little chance of recovery. We have posted a couple of times this last year that he is struggling with several serious health problems. Monday, John's dad posted the following on a GoFundMe page that has been dedicated to providing some monetary support for his care:

John Nova is in his last days with liver and kidney failure, an infection, bleeding ulcers and lesser issues, all of which came to a head today (Monday 5.8). He is being kept alive by meds and machines and now has the decision as to when to cut them off. The doctors have done all they can do and he will now be getting hospice care in the ICU as there is no point in moving him. St. Luke's staff has tried everything medically possible but too many things have gone wrong to bring him back. He will make the decision about when to ask them to turn off the machines and stop the meds that are keeping him alive now. This is so very, very sad and I thank all of you who have worked with us to provide funds for his recovery. We are making plans for a book of his writing and a Celebration of his Life down the trail. We are planning to distribute any remaining funds after funeral expenses and medical bills to his children, John Henry and Harriet Rose. If you have any questions, please get in touch 615 [phone redacted]. Best regards, John Lomax III.

It is tough to bring you this news. We will have more on this in a future issue. If you are so moved, the link above will take you to the GoFundMe page. He leaves behind two kids, a high school-aged daughter, and a son who, after a successful stint in the military, is now enrolled at UH. John Nova was proud that his son, John Henry was recently promoted to Editor at the Daily Cougar (school newspaper.)

Since we've last met, we've had the Allen, Texas mall shooting, (8 killed, ages 3 - 37) and 7 others injured. A manhunt continues for the shooter that killed 5 in Cleveland, TX on April 28 (ages 8 - 31.) And yesterday, in Louisiana near the Texas border in Stark, LA, a man shot and wounded a 14-year-old girl in the back while she was playing hide-and-seek with her friends.

Myra Jolivet reminds us that we used to duck under our desks in drills designed to protect us from nuclear war. It seemed odd, no one had ever seen an atom bomb or imagined one could hit a school. No one has to imagine the slaughter of children inside today's schools. It's a constant fear. And evidently, no thoughts, prayers, armed teachers, hiding under desks, or DPS officials have been able to protect kids. Why do politicians keep arming these shooters?

What About the Children? | Texas Outlaw Writers
My father had a deer rifle and a pistol, but we never knew where they were kept. There was an unspoken sense that if someone broke into the house, he’d likely shoot them, but gun violence in a broader context was not really on our minds.

"Out in the West Texas town of El Paso
I fell in love with a Mexican girl
Nighttime would find me in Rosa's Cantina
Music would play and Felina would whirl..."

Every good Texan can recall the plight of the "young cowboy" as he falls hopelessly in love with the "wicked" Felina. The jealous cowboy shoots a "young stranger" for dancing with his crush. He steals a horse and makes a run for it, only to return for the chance to kiss his true love. He dies in her arms, shot by a posse out looking for him...

"Cradled by two loving arms that I'll die for
One little kiss, and Felina, goodbye."

No doubt that in 1959, Marty Robbin's hit tune  "El Paso" must have been a bit risque. A gringo falling in love with a Mexican bar dancer??? But these days, it almost goes unnoticed for individuals with Mexican ancestry to work with, mingle and marry whites. Border towns like El Paso have become so diverse that it's hard to tell the natives from immigrants. Decades of a porous border have led to shared resources, robust trade, and an exchange of labor for (mainly US) factories and farms. But that's changed.

Even the most progressive observer now realizes that international politics and poor governance/crime/economic hardship in several Central and South American countries have led to unsustainable waves in immigration to the states. And towns and communities along the Texas border are in serious trouble. They simply cannot support the thousands and thousands that cross each day. Tensions are running high, shaking up diverse communities.

El Paso, like many border towns, is becoming overrun with immigrants, and the crisis is about to get worse as Title 42 comes to an end. Meanwhile, neither in Washington or Austin, are politicians able to devise a policy that takes any meaningful steps toward managing the immigration crisis at our southern border. Jim Moore says a part of the current surge is a product of our nation’s irresponsible behavior in Central America and Mexico, and until we own our history, finding a solution to the crisis may be difficult...

The North Bank of the Big River | Texas Outlaw Writers
The Immigrants will keep coming. The only thing separating their misery from bright possibility is a river, a desert, and laws they don’t understand. They take their chances and trek northward. Our need for their labor is insatiable. Their dreams will not be thwarted.

It's great that social media serves as a way to drive a real wedge into relationships. It's fun to argue ceaselessly with old friends, former co-workers, and family members that you were once close to.

What's not so fun? Real data is showing that the cruelty and nastiness that teens are exposed to on various social media outlets are doing serious damage. Whether the result is anxiety, self-harm, or even suicide, the number of kids that are hurting themselves is increasing in lock-step with the increased use of Tik Tok, Instagram, and Facebook.  

Roger Gray recently lost an argument with some old colleagues online, and so he decided to write a whole essay about it. Of course, being Facebook, the argument is still going on and will until one of them dies. He's a big boy and can handle it, but he ran across some disturbing data regarding kids communicating online.

Anti-Social Media | Texas Outlaw Writers
It’s like electronic crack, and there’s no 12 step program for it.