Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: We Don't Need No Steenkin' Badges Edition

Texas Outlaw Writers Newsletter: We Don't Need No Steenkin' Badges Edition

Being Outlaws and all, we were worried when we heard that there was a new sheriff in town. And then we heard it was Herschel Walker, so we laughed and went back to watching "Blazing Saddles." *

The midterms are fast approaching. Mail-in voting is happening, and early voting is less than a week away. The Outlaws hope you registered and are looking for your sample ballot. Vote!

A little housekeeping for the Outlaws... we're growing and going all the time. This week you've surely noticed that the newsletter is hitting your inbox on Tuesday. And hopefully, you got notice late last week that we'd released another podcast! What we're going to try to do is put out our newsletter on Wednesday (at the latest,) and get our main podcast out either Friday afternoon or by Saturday morning. (This may depend on the availability of our guests.) Some of our writers are including audio versions of their stories on their pages, and we'll post those as "Bonus" podcasts, again, on your favorite podcast provider.

On to this week's stories...

Even Gillespie Country isn't immune from election deniers and conspiracy crazies. Gillespie carried Trump with 79% of the vote in 2020, and the wackos still screamed foul! This is the home of Fredericksburg and Luckenbach for God's sake! Waylon and Jerry Jeff and Willie! "Out in Luckenbach, Texas, ain't nobody feelin' no pain!" But those pain-free days are long gone.

Election officials are being harassed, intimidated, and threatened, just like in so many other places. Looks like the place once known for Waylon and Willie and the Boys are now "Fuedin' like the Hatfields and McCoys." DeeceX explains -

Let The People Vote! | Texas Outlaw Writers
If you believe you cannot lose an honest election, then any election you lose must be dishonest, right? The twisted logic at the heart of sabotaging America’s elections – and why it’s so dangerous.

The GOP is becoming more brazen about slashing government services and social programs. Everything from the Post Office to public education is under constant attack. They are no longer shy about slicing into Social Security and Medicare, either. The fierce tribalism of the party even has Granny and Uncle Bubba thinking that their own earned Social Security might just be "socialism."

The best-selling book of a few years ago, "What's the Matter with Kansas" asked why people vote against their own best interests. Now, it seems Dorothy was wrong. We are all in Kansas now. From Roger Gray -

Political Chutzpa on Steroids | Texas Outlaw Writers
What is the obsession with Social Security? The GOP has fumed about it since Franklin Roosevelt proposed it and got it passed in 1935. The decades-long drumbeat of these programs being “socialist” has convinced too many voters to feel, “screw grandma, we have principles to uphold.”

How does a ten-year-old child understand "Mutually Assured Destruction"? It was sixty years ago that the Cuban Missile Crisis began. Those famous 13 days of October, when the U.S.S.R. delivered Intercontinental Ballistic Missiles on Cuba. Only 90 miles from Florida, they were pointed at the USA.  JFK addressed the nation on Outlaw Jim Moore's 10th birthday. (Audio version included.)

The Guns of October | Texas Outlaw Writers
“Ours is a world of nuclear giants and ethical infants. We know more about war than we know about peace, more about killing than we know about living. We have grasped the mystery of the atom and rejected the Sermon on the Mount.”― Gen. Omar N. Bradley

The plunder of cultural heritage artifacts, artwork, and other antiquities gets filed under 'white-collar crime.' It's looting, pure and simple. (And profitable AF.) There is plenty of violence in this criminal trade as well as economic loss. Myra Jolivet is unhappy with the view that this kind of thievery gets treated as if it were some exotic and legitimate market.

The Artistry and Status of Crime | Texas Outlaw Writers
While white-collar crime is defined as non-violent, focused on corruption, and fraud of many types, history and current events have proved that white-collar crimes are often linked to unimaginable violence. Why do we give crime a class structure? Isn’t all crime just crime no matter the offender?

*There's less to Herschel Walker than meets the eye." And like moths to a flame, we can't resist the snark and the memes and the actual WTF attitude. What allows this ( and other ) grotesquely unqualified candidates to run and hold office? It has a lot to do with the GOP brand. A brand more powerful than the sub-par product it represents. That "Christian, Patriotic, family values" brand got Trump elected. You remember Donald Trump, right? The most non-Christian, unpatriotic, untraditional family man ever to hold the presidency.

But Chris Newlin worries that there's something else that the brand stands for. And while we focus daily outrage (and snark) on the hypocrisies of the GOP "values," they're focussed on the only thing that counts.

Herschel Walker: The Republican Party Brand | TX Outlaw Writers
It’s tough to write anything about Herschel Walker. Like Trump, every day is a new low. Has he eclipsed Trump as the new GOP Brand? Or does his candidacy represent something far worse?

DeeceX shoots for 2! He has a couple of submissions this week. Dan Patrick continues to piss him (and the rest of us) off. We often forget that his office is, by design, one of the most powerful in the state.

The Lieutenant Governor is the apex predator of Texas politics, with whom lobbyists, trade associations, businesses and individuals must deal if they wish to accomplish their priorities. And that's the problem with Lieutenant Dan.

The Problem with Lieutenant Dan | Texas Outlaw Writers
The Lieutenant Governor is the apex predator of Texas politics. He’s the gatekeeper for legislative priorities. That’s the problem with Lt. Dan.

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Harvey Kronberg of the Quorum Report | TX Outlaw Writers
“We can only write 10% of what we know. If we wrote 20%, nobody would ever talk to us again, and 30%? There’d be contracts out on us.”