Texas Outlaw Newsletter: the Inflation Reduction Edition

It wasn't such a bad week for normal people in America!

It looks like the Inflation Reduction Act of 2022 is on its way to becoming law.  According to the WaPo,

"...the package would authorize the biggest burst of spending in U.S. history to tackle global warming — about $370 billion to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to 40 percent below their 2005 levels by the end of this decade. The proposal also would make good on Democrats’ years-old pledge to reduce prescription drug costs for the elderly.
In part by tweaking federal tax laws — chiefly to target tax cheats and some billion-dollar companies that pay nothing to the government — the bill is expected to raise enough money to cover its new spending. Democrats say the measure is also expected to generate an additional $300 billion for reducing projected budget deficits over the next 10 years, though they have not yet furnished a final fiscal analysis of their legislation."

In addition, a labor report was published that concluded that all jobs lost due to the pandemic have been recovered. (And it appears that there is still job demand. Unemployment is at record lows.)

And then there was Kansas. KANSAS! It was so crazy that Dorothy didn't even bother running around Oz to hunt down the Wizard, she grabbed Toto, and said "F**K it, Toto... click your damn heels, we can go home to Kansas. Right. Now!"

That's right, Kansas voted overwhelmingly to keep abortion legal in the state. Who knew??? Certainly not the pundits, the pollsters, the insiders, the press... And it absolutely put a shiver down every Republican candidate's spine. Or a shiver where spines are located actual humans.

And yet, states like Texas continue to double down. Even with the consequences (whether intended or not) of criminalizing abortion becoming apparent. Indiana's governor just signed a bill into law banning nearly all abortions, with only a few exceptions. (Indiana has the third worst maternal mortality rate in the country.) And corporations are now the new battleground as they try to be supportive of their young workers and female employees that demand that management speak up in their defense. It will be a strange calculation as these major companies weigh their need for educated talent (often skewing young and progressive) vs. their need for favorable tax treatment (often offered by GOP state governments.)

The Kansas vote is indeed something to celebrate, but with caution. As mentioned, the polls and pundits didn't see that one coming. Those same prognosticators are now suddenly 100% confident that the vote is a reliable indicator for elections in our near future. Sure would be nice, but you'd be crazy to take them at their word. Keep organizing, keep voting.

Other fun tidbits:

• Dems passed the PACT Act for vets affected by toxic exposure to burn pits during the middle east wars.
• Friend to all progressives, Dick "or I'll shoot you in the face" Cheney, called Trump a "threat to our republic" in a campaign ad for his daughter, Liz.
• Gasoline has dropped in price daily for almost two months straight.

And then there was the Conservative Political Action Conference... held in Texas.

One of the highlights of that CPAC convention this last week in Dallas (that both Abbott and Trump attended) was Hungary Prime Minister Viktor Orbán's speech.  Orbán, of course, is the fascist that has become a fantasy figure for the GOP. Only a week before he had warned worldwide fans of authoritarianism, "We are willing to mix with one another, but we do not want to become peoples of mixed race."

Somewhere below, Goebbels smiled. Orbán's bigoted comments certainly didn't diminish attendance at the Texas CPAC.

"The West is at war with itself,” Orbán said on Thursday, opening the three-day conference in Dallas. “We have seen what kind of future the globalist voting bloc has to offer. But we have a different future in mind. The globalists can all go to hell, I have come to Texas.”

How Davy Crockett of him.

D'jya ever notice how authoritarians are constantly harping about how they do everything "for the people." Always about the good of the people. And then they do what they damn well please for money and power? From Chavez to Putin to Orbán... and now our own Gov. Greg is only thinking of the good people of Texas when he refuses to force the DPS (and other law enforcement agencies) to release body cam footage and other evidence gathered in the Uvalde mass shooting investigation. Abbott is thinking of us all when he uses the DPS to militarize the border and harass local citizens. It's Abbott's caring that has him leading the charge on limiting health care for women, children, and the poor.

James Moore has an outstanding piece outlining Gov. Greggie's race toward Orbán-style leadership. So much caring in Abbott's heart for the people of Texas...

A Letter From Texas | Texas Outlaw Writers
“Fascism in Texas is no longer creeping. It is up and running with Olympian legs.”

DeeceX recently gave us a piece titled, "Can Abbott Get Past Nov. 8th? We Outlaws are nothing if not fair and balanced, so DeeceX came back posing the same question about Beto.  Hell, is it possible for ANY blue candidate to win a statewide office anymore? Are rumors of a purple Texas to be believed?

Can Beto O’Rourke Get Past November 8th? | TX Outlaw Writers
Texas has changed, largely because it’s population has almost doubled in 30 years. Those new people have brought new ways of thinking, acting and living with them. Nowhere are the changes more evident than in Texas politics.

Texas's grid and the recent near-doubling of our electric bills are going to figure heavily in the upcoming election.

And if we run out of power as Texas broils, the state's leaders know just who to blame. The "greenies!" Well, them and those liberal Wall Street bankers and "dope smoking, draft dodging college professors" who got us into all this. But just in case, ERCOT is working into the wee hours preparing its excuses. Roger Gray has the deets:

Texas Energy Leadership, Boldly Marching in Place | TX Outlaw Writers
When the Kyoto Protocols were signed to reduce carbon emissions, the fossil fuel industry decided, to quote Dean Wormer, “It’s time for somebody to put his foot down. And that foot is me.”

Myra Jolivet and her family have been out-of-Texas for a while, now. And as blue as her current home state (California) is now, the ugly partisanship that she, well, we all see is becoming more ugly and more violent. We truly are becoming two distinct countries, if not two different planets.

Two Nations Under God? | Texas Outlaw Writers
In my mind, conservative extremists are a potential danger to me and my family, and I’d rather not live next door to pro-gun-toting racists who ignore the truth and follow their political reps with cult-like allegiance in matters of race, economics, the environment, and personal health.

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